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    Speak Chinese

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    Welcome to the Chinese Group Channel on Telegram , Here you can Learn How to speak and write Chinese and get free sessions with a Chinese Teacher From time to time. bots.  - No spam  - Adults content  - No self adverting.

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    Less then 100

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    English (US)

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If you ever wanted to Speak Chinese this group can help you learn Chinese along with other users. It is managed by teachers and bots. It was built to guide you and make sure you are learning the language in the right way. You can chat, meet new people from all around the world, and learn Chinese together. This group is not huge, and this is why it is easier this way to follow the conversations and not lose track of what’s going on.

Who is this group good for?

This group is perfect for those who wish to learn and practice the Chinese language. You can ask questions or just try to follow the chat and get to know people who are just like you, doing their best to learn this ancient language.


  • It is for free
  • Has exams you can use for practice
  • Nice people
  • Just a few users are in this chat
  • It may be difficult for someone who just started his study
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This group is an ideal platform for someone who wants to practice talking in Chinese. It will give you that social aspect of language that is so vital for acquiring a new language.


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