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Speak Chinese

Speak Chinese – Chinese Telegram Group has 2000 - 4999 members, it's main lanaguage is English (US).

Targeted country: Worldwide.

A Telegram group dedicated to learning the Chinese language

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If you ever wanted to speak Chinese, this group can help you do exactly that. It is managed by teachers and bots, and it was specially created to guide you and make sure you are learning the language in the right way. You can chat, meet new people from all around the world, and learn Chinese together. This group is not huge, and this is why it is easier this way to follow the conversations and not lose track of what’s going on.

What will you find in the Speak Chinese Telegram group?

What will you find in the Speak Chinese Telegram group?

This group has many cool features, not only that you can speak to other people in Chinese, but also you will be able to learn many new cool things about this language and China’s culture. In addition, you will find links to a specially designed bot that will guide you in your Chinese language studies.

Learn Chinese for free on Telegram

China is huge; it is 3.705 million mi² and has over 1.386 billion people living there. It is easy to understand why someone would be interested in learning how to speak Chinese. The business potential and cultural wealth of China is unmeasurable. This is why this group is so amazing, it gives individuals from all over the world to share their journey of discovering the Chinese language.

Why do so many people want to learn Chinese?

In a globalized world such as ours, knowing an additional language is a huge advantage. China has become one of the most growing markets today. Being able to speak Chinese can help you create new contacts, travel, find new business opportunities and partners, and so much more.

What is so special about the Chinese language?

Since Chinese was developed using images and not the alphabet like in Europe, it makes it the only pictographic language that is still in use around the world. In addition, the pronunciation of each word is vital considering that pronouncing a word incorrectly could lead to an awkward misunderstanding. This could happen since the same word with a different pronunciation could hold a totally different meaning.

Who is this group good for?

This group is perfect for those who wish to learn and practice the Chinese language. You can ask questions or just try to follow the chat and get to know people who are just like you, doing their best to learn this ancient language.

How is it to learn Chinese on Telegram?

How is it to learn Chinese on Telegram?
China on a plastic globe

If you’re seeking for one source to learn Chinese from, this group is probably not it. It has a lot of easy conversations and anecdotes for you to discover, but if you’re searching for a real teacher, this is not it! Here you will be able to practice your language skills after you’ve done your homework. you’ll be able to talk to new people and be a part of a fun environment that wants to practice speaking and writing Chinese together.

Chinese Telegram channel

In addition, we would like to recommend you to check out this Chinese Telegram channel. This channel is dedicated to teaching you the language. So while you can benefit from practicing your communication skills in the Speak Chinese group, you will be able to get more in-depth language skills in this channel.



  • It is for free
  • Has exams you can use for practice
  • Nice people
  • A relatively small group
  • It may be difficult for a beginner who just started his Chinese language studies
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This group is an ideal platform for someone who wants to practice talking in Chinese. It will give you that social aspect of communication that is so vital for acquiring a new language.

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