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Speak Italian

Learn ??the Italian language ?? through interaction with native speakers and fellow students. The group>

Telegram French Group & Channel – Speak French

Learn to speak French for free on Telegram    This telegram group is dedicated to>

Shining Stars

Shining Starts is a Telegram Channel dedicated to quote George Bearnard Shaw, J. K. Rowling,>

The English Club

The English language is an international language. It means that no matter where you’ll travel>

Sanctum English official

Sanctum English Official is a a channel for Indian users to learn English. not a>


Hangout is a telegram Channel used to learn English, it has over 6k users and>

Speak Bahasa

Speak Bahasa is an small channel dedicated to teach this language, has spam and its>

Speak Spanish

Speak Spanish telegram group is a channel dedicated to teach and practice this language, if>

Speak English

Speak English is a channel to practice your English studies with others, Updated and supported>


Welcome to verbalize telegram chat group. As the name indicates that verbalize is related to>


Chatterbox telegram chat group is one of the best and interesting avenues to learn English>

Speak Chinese – Chinese Telegram Group

If you ever wanted to speak Chinese, this group can help you do exactly that.>