Speak Spanish

learning club speak spanish
learning club speak spanish

Speak Spanish has Less then 100 members, it's main lanaguage is Spanish.

Targeted country: Worldwide.

In Speak Spanish telegram Group you can interact with many native speakers and learn this language.  Content it will be moderated by teachers and supported by language bots in Spanish.  - No spam  - Adults content  - No self advertising.

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Speak Spanish telegram group is a channel dedicated to teach and practice this language, if you are new to this type of channels you can start learning by using the free books on this group, the chat is monitored by a Spanish teacher so you can always improve you Spanish with his help
try using it, its free.

  • User friendly and always whiling to Teach even if you are just beginner
  • Some of the links for the tutorials are broken.
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Group Environment

I had a great time trying to talk with anyone in the group, the response are fast and easily you can make Spanish speakers friends with this group