Top Free Streaming Telegram Online Movie Channels

What are Telegram movie channels and groups?

Telegram is a great way to share content. It is a platform that lets its users share their passion with thousands of people around the world. Therefore, it is why it is so natural to find many great Telegram channels and groups who share movies on this platform.

How does it work?

In each telegram channel or group, the group members or the admin are regularly posting various links to websites in which you will be able to stream or download films and even TV-shows.

Is it for free?

In most cases, these links will work like a charm, and it’s for free. There are cases where the streaming sites might ask you to sign up, but we recommend you to think twice before giving your private details.

Are there commercials in the groups and channels?

Mostly yes, but having commercials doesn’t mean that you won’t get what you’ve asked for. The channel owners are trying to get income by supplying you with fresh content; commercials are an excellent way for them to get some money while helping you to get access to a rich library of free media.

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Watch movies for free on Telegram

What kind of movies can I find on Telegram?

You will be able to find almost any film you wish if you look hard enough. It doesn’t matter if you like cheesy romantic comedies, oscar winners, or maybe even a Korean independent cinema. Most chances you will be able to find something that will surely suit your taste.

Free full Hollywood movies on Telegram

If you’re searching for the last Hollywood blockbuster, there is a big chance you’ll be able to find it on one of these channels. All you got to do is to join several of the relevant channels or groups found on this page and browse within those channels to locate the movie you’re looking for.

Hindi movies channels

As many of you noticed by now, telegram is very popular in India. It means that there is a wide variety of movies in Hindi. You will be able to find channels that share Bollywood movies and others who share American Hollywood films in the Hindi language. Since the channels themself are in English, it is an excellent opportunity for people who love the Bollywood film industry to discover new films. You can always download a Bollywood film and then find English subtitles online.

South Korean films on Telegram

If you’re excited about the Korean cinema as we do, you’ll be happy to know that there is a very large community on Telegram that shares Korean movies for free.

Recommended Telegam Channels For Free Movies

Free‌ Movies On Telegram

If you are looking for a platform that hosts free downloadable movies, then you must note this telegram as it will serve>

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About Free Movies On Telegram

This Channel has 5k users and is well updated with at least one or two movies a day. Subscribe to this channel if you want to recive notifications and donwload movies to your phone.


  • They have a movies from all the times
  • Good content


  • you might not find all movies here.
Visit @Freemoviesontelegram
Movies/Series ~ Gallery

Movies/Series ~ Gallery Telegram is a channel where you can find information related to movies and place to watch them easily by>

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About the Movies/Series ~ Gallery

By subscribing to this channel you will be able to receive notifications and watch Movies and Series in Telegram


  • The channel Offer Series and Movies
  • 1 movie a day


  • Some of the movies and series in the channel have missing subtitles
Visit @Movies/Series~ Gallery
Telegram movies II

From recent years movies have evolved a lot from story line to production and special graphics effects. Now we can see a>

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About Telegram Movies II

One of the most active telegram channels in terms of movie content, Telegram Movies II offers to more than 28,000 users movies on a daily basis.


  • Channel includes type of movies
  • IMBD rating


  • none
Visit @Telegram_movies_II
Katmovies123 – Watch Movies Online for Free on Telegram

Katmovies123 is a growing telegram channel dedicated to sharing online movies with others. If you are a movie enthusiast or just looking>

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About Katmovies123 – Movies Online

In this telegram group you will find various movies, series, tv-shows. Since this is a Telegram group and not a channel the users are more than welcome to participate in the general chat and request movies and tv-shows from other users or the admin.


  • Easy to use
  • Fast reply from administrator


Not all movies and series come with subtitles

Visit @katmovies123
HD movies (on demand)

HD movies ( on demand ) is a telegram group that was created to share information on the latest movie releases. A>

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About HD Movies (On Demand)

HD movies ( on demand ) is a telegram group that was created to share information on the latest movie releases. If you like watching movies and know all you need to know about them, then you should consider checking out this channel.


  • Has good info about the Movies they present
  • Most of the movies have subtitles


  • Has commercial links and ads
  • Some of the links are broken
Visit @On_Demand_HD
Watch Free Korean Movies Hub™

If you’re a fan of the Korean Cinema, this Telegram channel could be the coolest thing that you’ll discover today. This channel’s>

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About Free Korean Movies Hub™

If you like Korean cinema, you’re going to love this channel. Here you will be able to find countless South Korean movies.


  • A great collection of Korean movies
  • Easy to download
  • Has many film genres


  • Some films don’t have english subs
  • The channel is not well organized
Visit @koreanmovieshub
Top 8 Horror Movies on Telegram Channel, Horror Territory Free

There are two types of people, those who enjoy watching scary movies and those who don’t. This Telegram channel is dedicated to>

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About Horror Territory

This amazing Telegram channel is dedicated to sharing horror films with its followers. If you enjoy watching horror movies, this channel is exactly what you need. This channel shares not only American films, but also foreign horror films from places like Japan and South Korea.


  • A huge amount of high quality horror movies
  • Easy to download
  • Has horror movies from all over the world


  • Some films might not have english subs
  • There are several movies and tv-shows on this channel that aren’t 100% horror
Visit @HorrorTerritory

Enjoy online streaming links pointing to Italian movies and other films that are translated to the Italian language. This wonderful channel is>

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Although this channel is in Italian, we believe that it is still worth mentioning since it has a wide variety of high-quality movies. Here you will be able to find not only Hollywood films, but also the best that the Italian cinema industry has to offer.


  • A huge amount of high quality Italian movies
  • Easy to download


  • Please be aware that all the movies on this channel are in Italian
Visit @FilmStreamings™
44 Movies Hub – Watch Free Bollywood Movies

What is Bollywood? Bollywood is the umbrella term for the Indian Hindi movie industry that is based in Mumbai, a town in>

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About 44 Movies Hub – Watch Free Bollywood Movies

This channel is a great way to introduce yourself to Bollywood. India had become a movie empire, and this Telegram channel is giving you access to all of Bollywood riches for free.


  • A huge amount of high quality Bollywood films
  • Very easy to download


  • Please be aware that most of the movies on this channel are in Hindi
Visit @bollywoodmovieshub1™