Top Telegram Channels for UPSC Exams

If you’re looking to get a job in one of the public services of India you’ll have to go and do a UPSC test. Some people say it’s not that hard but we all know that most of them are just hiding the truth. It takes a lot of studying and effort to pass these tests, but if you want a better future for yourself and for your family you got to cheer up and encourage yourself to study.

When it comes to education and job opportunities, we at Telegram Club believe that everybody deserves an equal opportunity. This is why we’ve gathered the top UPSC examination Related Telegram channels to help prepare you for the exam.

How to find the UPSC syllabus on Telegram?

If you’re searching for the UPSC syllabus online, Telegram could be a great option since it has so many UPSC Related Telegram channels and groups. All you need to do is to go over our recommended channels, subscribe to those you seem to like more and suite your needs, and you’ll find what you were looking for.

How to get your UPSC results?

First of all, we want to say that we’re crossing our fingers and we’re hoping you did well on your UPSC exam. As part of our research for this post, we’ve learned that you can check out your UPSC written exam results on the official UPSC website. Good luck!

How to get the UPSC question paper

If your searching for the UPSC question paper why not look for it in one of the telegram channels that are dedicated to helping students like yourself pass the UPSC’s Civil Services Examination. Check out our recommended channels down below.

Telegram channels for UPSC current affairs

We know how your exams are for you, this is why we suggest you sign up to our recommended channels and groups to stay up to date with all the relevant current affairs of the UPSC.

Preparing for the UPPCS exams via Telegram

UPPCS stands for Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission (लोक सेवा आयोग, उत्तर प्रदेश). It is a governmental agency in the state of Uttar Pradesh, also known as the most populated state in all India that has roughly 200 million citizens. UPPCS is authorized by the constitution of India to manage and administer the governmental examinations for the various civil services in India. If you’re searching for a way to prepare yourself for these exams or you are looking to get your UPPCS materials or maybe even just to get a glimpse in the last year’s UPPCS question paper; you should definitely check out the recommended UPPCS exam telegram channels below. These are great communities that will be very beneficial to your success.

Best telegram channels for UPSC in Hindi

You don’t need to do all of your studies in English, feel free to subscribe to one of the UPSC Hindi speaking channels. We hope that it will help you pass your exam.

Recommended UPSC Related Channels & Groups

About IA4Sure Updates for UPSC

This channel is a mixture of news that is related to the UPSC exams and other reliable sources of information that will help prepare you for the Civil Services Examination made by the Indian Union Public Service Commission.

Visit @iaspcs

About the E-Books & Magazines for Civil Services channel

On this channel, you will be able to get access to numerous amounts of quality e-books and magazines that will help you prepare yourself for the UPSC Civil Services exam. We want to add that this is a very active channel with over 100k subscribers, and the admin constantly adds new materials. So if you’re trying to choose the right channel, we believe that this channel should definitely be one of your options.

Visit @civilservices

About the UPSC Answer Writing channel

This is a Telegram group that was formed to act as a community to help fellow students to prepare for the UPSC exams. Here you will be able to find UPSC syllabus, tips, guides, UPSC materials and so much more. Since this is a group and not a channel, you as a user will be able to ask questions and have public discussions with the admins and fellow UPSC students.

Visit @UPSCanswer

About the UPSC Civil Services (IAS) channel

On this channel you will be able to access an enormous amount of info regarding the materials needed for the UPSC exams. Although we saw channels that have a way bigger amount of subscribers we still think that you should give this channel a try since it has a lot of content that could be beneficial in your path to pass the UPSC exam.

Visit @Onlycivilservices

About the UPSC Mains 2020
& 2021 channel

This channel is one of the biggest channels we’ve found on the UPSC topic. It has over 100k followers and it is swamped with high-quality content that will help you prepare for the UPSC exams. On this channel you’ll be able to find studying materials on every topic, even e-books & magazines for Civil Services exams on art, culture, economics and much more. 

Visit @upscmainsgs

About the UPSC MATERIALS channel

This is also a big channel with over 100k users. The channel started as an initiative to provide high-quality materials for UPSC. So if you’re searching for the right studying materials, this might be the channel you were looking for all along.

Visit @UPSCMaterials

About The UPSC Channel

This channel has a wide variety of studying materials for the UPSC exams. You’ll find PDF files on various subjects from Art and Culture to Science and International Relations. Be sure to subscribe to this channel to get all the necessary materials you need to pass your UPSC exam successfully.

Visit @upscchannel

About IAS HINDI 2020 & 2021 channel

What makes this channel so special is the fact that most of the studying materials found on this specific channel are in Hindi and not in English. So if you’re having trouble with English or you just prefer to study in your native language this channel will be the perfect fit for you.

Visit @iashindi

About the UPPCS 2020 & UPPCS 2021 channel

This channel is dedicated to help you pass the Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission recruitment tests, and in addition to keep you updated with relevant UPPCS news and topics.

Visit @iashindi