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Technology has changed the way we interact with knowledge. In the past, books played a tremendous role in our lives. They were our source of education, religion, entertainment, history, and so much more. We used books to read fairytales to our children before bed and then read novels until it was too dark to keep on reading. Now everything is technology. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the privilege of sitting down with a nice book and just read. We got jobs, children, and a fast internet connection.

So does this mean that it’s the last chapter in our relationship with books? The easy answer is kind of, books are still going to be sold, and there will always be people that will be willing to read them. Fortunately, there are few great alternatives to the paper books that we highly recommend you try.

Get free online books on Telegram

Telegram is an amazing app that lets us share files and links with people from all around the world. As you will see at the bottom of this page, there are so many channels and groups that post new and old books from various genres and languages on a daily basis.

Free audiobooks on Telegram

Audiobooks are a fantastic way to read a book without actually reading it. In most cases, we’re talking about audio files, such as MP3 and WAV formats that are being posted on the various Telegram channels. All you need to do is subscribe to one of these channels, find an audiobook you like, and press the play button. You can also choose to download the file and listen to it offline. In some cases, the admin of the channel or users like yourself (users can only post in groups) might post a link to a 3’rd party website in which you’ll be able to listen to your new favorite audiobook. We hope you’ll have a great time!

If you want to read or download books of all kinds, this is the ideal page. In this library, you will be able to find books and ask your channel administrators for the titles of books you are more interes.

You can literally find any genre you want: Fantasy, action and adventure, anthology, guides, self-improvement books, fable, comic and graphic novels, crime and detectives, drama, classic books, fanfiction, and much more.

Some channels are dedicated to a specific genre or an author, while others will try to provide you with as much content as possible. Scroll down to see our list of top recommended Telegram channels that are dedicated to written books and audiobooks.

Life is not a Russian novel, you will be able to find all sorts of non-fictional audiobook genres such as Memoirs, Biographies, Reference Books, Self-help books, Speech, Poetry and much more.

  • Download the Telegram application
  • Choose one of the channels or groups recommended down below
  • Find a book or an audiobook you want to read or listen to
  • Press play or download. If you choose to download you’ll find the new file on your device.

What if there is only a link?

In some cases, the admin might post a link to a 3’rd party website. Some of these websites might turn out to be total scams, while others will let you stream or even download the book/audiobook you’ve asked for.

  • People who want to read books but can’t afford to buy them
  • Those who prefer reading E-books online
  • People who prefer listening to audiobooks insead of reading in the old fashioned way
  • People who are searching for something to listen to that is not music
  • Individuals who want to learn new things but they are too busy to read a book
  • People who want to listen to audiobooks while exercising or driving to work

Recommended Online Books Telegram Channels


Ladies and gentlemen book reading is so vital for our brain processing and overall grooming. During our interviews in well-reputed firms, the>

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About BooksThief

This is a very popular channel with more than 70k subscribers.The admin is dedicated to giving his subscribers the best quality books he can find. One of the best things about this channel is its variety. So don’t just stand there, go and grab some new exciting books.

Visit @CBooksThiefs
Harry Potter Audio Books

Harry Potter, what an amazing masterpiece by Mam J.K Rowling. Over 400+ million copies of Harry potter have been sold all over>

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About the Harry Potter Audio Books

On this channel you will be able to find English versions of audiobooks based on the successful Harry Potter book franchise. This channels is well organized and you’ll be able to listen to all the seven books for free.

Visit @HarryPotterbooks
Audio Books Archive

Very rich channel of free audio books to listen live or download directly from the channel, this is one of the most>

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About Audiobooks Archive

If you’re more into listening to books than reading them, this channel can offer you a daily list of audiobooks you can easily download for free straight to your phone and listen to them on your way to work, at the gym or even before sleep.

Visit @Audiobooksarchive
EBooks & Magazines for Civilservices ☑

When we are dealing with civil services exams preparation then preparation never get completed till the exam. You need to attend a>

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About Ebook & Magazines for Civilservices

This channel for online books is one of the biggest free libraries you can find on the internet. It has over 300k subscribers that share the same pasion for the written word. In this channel you’ll be able to find all sorts of great content such as novels, history books, magazines, instruction books, and even news.

Visit @Civilservices

How amazing to have a new means of reading a book. It’s so convenient to listen a clear-voiced book while going to>

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About AudioBooks

If you are looking for some variety in your audiobook selection, and it happens to be that novels are your favorite genre, this channel can be an excellent option for you. The admin of this channel regularly organizes the books, and he’s giving the subscribers of his channels the opportunity to vote and provide book scores. This is a fantastic idea since now users can discover new audiobooks that were highly ranked by their fellow subscribers. 

Visit @Audio_books
Books Mania

The channel we are going to present you has an extremely rich content. It contains a diverse range of books from super>

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About Books Mania

This channel is made for users with an entry-level English. Here you will be able to find books and audiobooks that are suitable for people who want to practice their English skills. Books Mania has over 73k users, and the channel is active with more than 10 new updates per day.

Visit @booksmania

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