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Vikings is one of the best and entertaining tv shows. It portrays the life of the Vikings, which is mentioned in ancient history books. The story of Vikings revolves around the life of the great warrior Ragnar Lothbrok and His family. The exploits he made and how he raided the cities through the seas and many more things. Living as a framer and soon after became the king of his people. Vikings has so much popularity and the rating of the show on IMDB is 8.5 whereas on Rotten Tomatoes it has a rating of 93%. You can watch this historical, and adventure show on the Telegram channel which is mentioned in this review.

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What are the reasons for which the Vikings series is so much popular?

The Vikings series is becoming so much popular these days because the writers of the show had brought ancient history back. This show is also famous among people who like to read historical and ancient histories books. The other reason is that you will find great action throughout the series. Some of the episodes will force you to complete the entire season within a day. The Vikings series is also popular among women as it also shows that pagan women were strong as men, and they also fought bravely on the battlefields.

Who are the creators of the Vikings series?

The historical series “Vikings” is written and created by Michael Hirst. It was premiered in Canada. However, it was filmed in Ireland. The list of the entire cast is huge. However, among those only the main cast is mentioned below.

Travis Fimmel as Ragnar Lothbrok, Katheryn Winnick as Lagertha, Gustaf Skarsgard as Floki, Alexander Ludwig as Bjorn Ironside, George Blagden as Athelstan, Alex Høgh Andersen as Ivar the Boneless, Marco Ilsø as Hvitserk.

How to watch the Vikings series on Telegram for free?

If you are looking to watch the Vikings series for free, then Telegram is the right platform for you. Telegram channels are allowing you to watch your all-favorite series for free. Create your Telegram account now and join the channel which is mentioned in this review.

Where can I watch the Vikings series for free?

The best platform to watch the Vikings series for free is Telegram. This popular show is available for free on the Telegram channel which is mentioned. No need to purchase a Netflix account, just visit the link and join the channel for free.


What will I get after joining the Vikings series Telegram channel for free?

If you join this free Telegram channel to watch the Vikings series, then you will get complete seasons available on Netflix. You can download all the episodes for free and share them with your friends. The audio is clear as well as the quality is also perfect to watch on mobile or a desktop.

Can I watch the Vikings series on Telegram for free?

Yes, now you do not have to pay any charges to watch these premium shows. Telegram channels are providing these shows for free. So, the Vikings series is also available on Telegram for free.


  • A Complete list of seasons is available
  • Great video and sound quality
  • You can only watch one season on this channel
  • No subtitles are available
Review Overview

The Vikings series is best, and you must watch this series if you want to learn about the great history of Vikings. You will be amazed after watching this series how these ferocious Vikings sailed through the sea and raided different parts of Europe.