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UPSC Prelims 2020 & 2021

Well UPSC public administration and civil services exams aren’t easy as picking hot cake. You>

UPPCS 2020 & UPPCS 2021

Hello ladies and gentlemen welcome to this telegram channel where you will find an amazing>

ias4sure Environment

Welcome UPSC civil ias4sure environment services aspirants. This telegram channel is for those who have>

UPSC Answer Writing

All the candidates appearing or having plat to appear in UPSC civil services exams have>

Santosh’s Talk™

Santosh talk is a telegram channel having an urge to provide good guidance to telegram>

Iasdelhi org

IAS Delhi telegram channel tends to provide the best possible content for current affairs and>

UPSC NOTES (image + any form)

Welcome to the UPSC notes channel. In this channel you are going to access general>

IAS HINDI 2020 & 2021

Welcome to the dedicated Hindi telegram channel that will provide you great preparatory material and>

✍️ Bright Future ?

Bright future telegram channel will provide a great help for students of competitive exams. In>


Welcome to this telegram channel based on UPSC exams preparations and enjoy a great diversity>


For any student or graduate it is something more than a dream to work as>

IAS- Essay Writing Thoughts

This telegram channel emphasizes on one of the most important portion of IAS exam and>

UPSC Civil Services (IAS)

The telegram channel we are going to present you provides the useful informational stuff regarding>


PDF Exams telegram channel is solely dedicated to full length UPSC exams let them be>


The following telegram channel is being run by UPSC aspirants and for UPSC aspirants. This>

UPSC Mains 2020 & 2021

This telegram channel has a huge number of members that speaks for its quality content>

Encyclopedia Britannica

It’s true that bookish knowledge is very important for passing any recruitment exam as it>


UPSC materials telegram channel shares a wide range of exam preparation and helping material. You’ll>

EBooks & Magazines for Civilservices ☑

When we are dealing with civil services exams preparation then preparation never get completed till>

Indian ⓔBooks™

The best ever source to enhance knowledge about any matter is to read books. If>