Top Crypto Telegram Channels

From being a small niche at the end of the 2000s, Cryptocurrency has become a mainstream topic that changes people’s lives. This is why we here at Telegram Club have decided to create a list of our favorite Crypto/ Bitcoin-related channels and groups. We hope that you’ll use them wisely.

What can you find in the Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency related Telegram channels and groups?

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Telegram is an open platform for users all around the world. Following leading channels and groups will provide you with the ability to learn more on this topic and find out how to improve your investments, get more knowledge, and maybe even get some great financing tips. These groups and channels will guide you through the world of Bitcoin, Crypto, ISO’s, cryptography, and much more.

Who are they good for?

They are great for people who want to learn more about Cryptocurrencies and are searching for a way to enter into this scene. Also, they are great for Crypto trading pros who wish to be a part of a community and would like to share their experiences and skills with others.

So without further ado, here are our top Top Telegram Cryptocurrency Channels:

Crypto FAQ

So what is Crypto?

Cryptocurrency is an umbrella term for digital assets designed to work as online digital coins. These coins are being protected by a technology called a blockchain, which is a form of Cryptography.

What can I do with these Digital coins?

You can buy, sell, or exchange them for other Cryptocurrencies or regular currencies such as dollars and euros.

Can I use Bitcoins and other Cryptocurrencies to buy stuff online?

Of course, the whole point was to create a coin that will not be regulated by any bank or government. More and more businesses tend to let people buy things using cryptocurrencies.

Taking your first steps in the crypto world

We advise you to start your journey by gathering information from several and even competing sources before establishing a financial strategy. Try to educate yourself before starting with your first investment.

Should I be worried about scams and other dangers?

Being safe is always the right choice. The people who open these channels want something from their users, mostly it’s just affiliate links to crypto wallets and exchange markets, but it doesn’t mean they do not add any value to their visitors. This means that as long as you just read, learn, and try to be careful before taking any financial action, you will be safe.

Recommended Cryptocurrency Channels And Groups

About Crypto Market Time

This is a very popular channel with more than 350k subscribers. Subscribe to this channel in order to learn more about the cryptocurrency market. It has a lot of great info, news and reviews, and much more.


  • This group will contribute a lot to your crypto market knowledge
  • Good content
  • Has news updates


  • The content on this channel is very one sided
Visit @CryptoMarketTime

About the news channel

This channel is considered to be a trustworthy source for Bitcoin and all other crypto related news.


  • Great content quality
  • Well written


  • This channel talks mostly about Bitcoin related topics and less about other cryptocurrencies
Visit @BitcoinistNews

About the Crypto Intelligence Agency CIA channel

This is a relatively successful Telegram channel with over 70k subscribers and numbers continue to rise. In this channel, you can get essential information about virtual currencies and everything crypto and in addition, you will find interesting news. It’s important to note that there are quite a few commercials on this channel, it’s not a negative aspect but it is certainly something we recommend paying attention to.


  • Has a lot of good info
  • Well written


  • Has ads and affiliate links
Visit @Crypto_Intelligence_Agency

About the CryptoTA_Signals channel

This channel is set up to give you technical information about crypto trading, signals, investment recommendations and more. If you are looking for a source of more technical information for your crypto activity, this channel may be right for you.


  • Has a lot of technical info
  • Well written content


  • Has commercial links and ads
  • One sided info
Visit @CryptoTA_Signals

About the ICO Analytics channel

If you are looking for analytics that can help you improve your cryptocurrency investments, this channel may do the trick. Here you will find technical and analytical information on a variety of investment opportunities in the Bitcoin / Crypto world.


  • Has good info about the crypto market
  • Has a lot of technical info


  • This channels may bee to hard for beginners
  • A very technical language
  • Has commercial links and ads
  • One sided info
Visit @ico_analytic

About the Crypto trading Tora channel

with Crypto trading Tora you will be able to find case studies and cryptocurrency trading signals that will assist you in making better decisions with your investments.


  • Well written content and very informative


  • One sided info
Visit @CryptoTradingTora

About the Cointelegraph channel

Cointelegraph is not only an independent telegram channel but is an extension of a leading crypto website. Most of the content on this channel links to the site itself. It doesn’t mean it is a negative thing, but still, it is essential to note that the information provided on this channel can be one-sided. It is crucial to think twice before making financial decisions based on the channel’s recommendations.


  • It has a lot of great news
  • This channel is easier to understand for beginners


  • It belongs to a crypto news website so all the info comes mostly from one source
Visit @cointelegraph

About the Crypto World News channel

Sometimes the size does matter, and this channel has more than 300k subscribers. As in other cases we mentioned in this article, this channel also provides news and information, most of which is linked to only one site, which is probably under the same ownership as this channel. Therefore, although this channel is very successful, it is necessary to understand that only one voice is heard and therefore you have to be careful with your financial decisions.


  • A very good source for news and information
  • Well written


  • Most of the links link to the same crypto news site
Visit @CryptoWorldNews

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