Iran Tinder Chat!❤️Global dating

Tinder Iran chat
Tinder Iran chat

Iran Tinder Chat!❤️Global dating has 2000 - 4999 members, it's main lanaguage is English (US).

Targeted country: Worldwide.

This one and only channel provides a unique opportunity for Iranians worldwide to meet in a family safe, all ages forum of discussion monitored by channel owners that keeps a respectful and clean language.

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This channel is private and provides a safe space for Iranian Tinder users allows to find a mate or a mate while keeping innocent and modest state of mind.

This society is still conservative and religious hence some modesty values are strict and highly valued (even by suppressing freedom of speech), so the free communication is priceless. This channel also keeps the discord spam free and does not accept advertisers that disguise them selves as regular users, the approval procedure is manual and takes 2-4 days and requires answering 12 questions with many details.

Global therapist society determines that most of Iranian people that live under Sharia law is suffering from some level of PTSD or other anxiety, depression or unhealthy belief systems, this is why a safe space for Iranians to meet is vital for their mental health and also for their relationships.

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Due to government regulation the usage of the Tinder app that uses Geo location and personal images may put the users under risk of braking the laws of the holy Shia law, which may end with serious punishment.