Verbalize telegram
Verbalize telegram

Verbalize has Less then 100 members, it's main lanaguage is English (US).

Targeted country: Worldwide.

Welcome, to the most magnificent English and Spanish group on Telegram. If you speak Spanish and want to start learning English this is the right Verbalize is the right group for you. get live sessions and free eBooks.

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Welcome to verbalize telegram chat group. As the name indicates that verbalize is related to speak something verbally and in this case we are talking about learning and speaking English language. Different users around the globe have an amazing platform to practice and learn English language at a single place. If you are a Spanish and you want to learn English then this is a best place. This chat group contains diverse content that will help you learn and enhance your skills. Some people find it easy to learn from written stuff, some prefer audios and some prefer videos. You will find all learning methods here so learning English isn’t that tough anymore.

  • Small chat you can actually read the conversations
  • Managed by a teacher
  • Informative Articles
  • The amount of Spanish in the channel is overwhelming
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Pictures quality
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Try this telegram chat group if you want to learn English language. This chat group contains a variety of people from those who know English well and those who don't know English well. In such an environment you can participate freely without any hesitation while finding that there are people with learning level as yours. You have a huge content to go throw that has been collected and presented through a serious handwork. Join this telegram chat group and learn the fundamentals of English language, the grammar and start speaking it today. Verbalize gives you a good opportunity to polish your English skills.