Chatterbox english
Chatterbox english

CHATTERBOX has 2000 - 4999 members, it's main lanaguage is English (US).

Targeted country: Worldwide.

The chartterbox is an telegram group made for entertainment to train your English language.  Share with your Friends ?Rules: ⛔️Speak "Only" in English ⛔️No advertising ⛔️Do not use media with ad lables

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Chatterbox telegram chat group is one of the best and interesting avenues to learn English and improve existing English language skills. It will help a lot to learn from other people because you can join and start conversation with the people of different origins so can easily learn different perspectives. The best part is you can see other people doing mistakes so if your English is good enough you can point out and guide their mistakes that will further enhance you skill level in English language. Learning with others can be very interesting and funny because not most of the participants are good in English so sometimes they might come up with funny mistakes. Join this chat group and learn from other in a nice way.

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Join this telegram group if you want to learn English with a great fun. You will find a lot of aspirants want to learn English in this chat group. Well, spoken languages are a lot different from written. Written are easy to understand and write because we have an adequate time to think and react and it requires less practice than speaking whereas if we want to increase our speaking skills then it is mandatory to practice it as much as possible because in this case practicing will make our language better and we will have an opportunity to interact with people. Join this telegram chat group and have fun learning.

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