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Who is Davie504?

Davide Biale, also known as Davie504, is a famous Italian Youtuber. With over 6.79M subscribers, he is one of the leading YouTube musicians. He stands out with his sharp humor and amazing bass-slapping skills. Davie504 was born on the 5 of April 1994 in Savona, Italy. He plays the Bass and other instruments such as Upright bass (double bass), Guitar, Saxophone, Piano, and possibly other musical instruments as well.

What is davie504’s real name?

david504 golden bass youtube
Davie504 actually used the golden prize he got from YouTube to create this awesome golden bass

Davie504’s real name is Davide Biale. We want to add that considering his enormous success on YouTube and the fact that we can clearly see that he’s actually a nice person, we think that it is probably for the best that he has such a cool stage name to protect him from fame. Having a stage name can help people like Davide Biale to have a private life.

Where is davie504?

Although Davide Biale was born in Savona, Italy, he currently lives in Taiwan, where he makes his epic bass-slapping YouTube videos.

Davie504 girlfriend – Drungayuuu

Did you know that Davie504’s girlfriend is also a popular YouTuber that goes by the name of Drungayuuu, you can check out her YouTube Page using this link. By the way, she also plays the bass, and we love it when they play together.

Davie is dating his girlfriend for a long time. Unfortunately, we never heard her speak; this is because he promised to reveal her voice at 7 million subscribers. Now we are over 6.7 million, meaning that hopefully very soon, we will get the chance to hear her speak for the first time.

Davie504 bass – meme music

Without any sarcasm whatsoever, Davide Biale is a truly great bass player. Although he shines as a “Meme musician,” meaning that he loves using his musical skills to entertain us and also himself. In his videos, you can clearly see that he is a very talented bass player that worked very hard to reach his skills. We find it very cool that davie504 took upon himself to use his epic bass-slapping skills to make people smile.

Davie504 send this to your crush

This one of our favorite videos, it silly and very entertaining. Ironically, it’s actually a great idea to send this to your crush. If he or she doesn’t appreciate this type of humor, then she or he isn’t worth it, and you should go back and search for a new partner.

How tall is davie504?

Davide Biale’s full height is 6 feet and 3 inches tall. To make it easier for you:

  • 6 feet and 3 inches
  • 190.5 cm
  • 1.905 meters
  • 75 inches
  • 6.25 feet

Where can I get Davie504 merch?

Buying davie504’s merch is a great way to support your favorite friendly neighborhood YouTube bass slapper. You can get links to his merch on his official Facebook or YouTube page.

What’s Davie504 net worth?

From our research, we can estimate that Davie504’s net worth is around 2 million US Dollars ($2 million).

Davie504 ears – 6 million subscribers ear reveal

As you all know, Davie504 loves click bates, one of his coolest tricks to convince us to subscribe was telling us that he cannot take off his iconic earphones and reveal his epic ears until he will reach 6 million subscribers.

davie504 pineapple pizza

In addition to his epic ear reveal, Davie504 promised to eat a pineapple pizza, which is considered to be an abomination for true Italian people like him. Thank you for your sacrifice.

Davie504 very impressive

Very impressive is actually the name of one of Davie504’s studio albums. It has crazy bass lines and wonderful music compositions. Davie504’s bass slapping technique is just epic, and the whole album is truly very impressive! You can listen to his album on Spotify, Apple Music, or on YouTube.

Retrovibe EVO Davie504 Signature

As one of the most Succesful bass players on YouTube, Davie504 has his own signature bass, and it is called Retrovibe EVO Davie504 Signature.

Davie504 Telegram channel

Unfortunately, Davie504 doesn’t have an official Telegram channel, but you are more than welcome to use his amazing Telegram sticker pack and let everyone know that they should “slap like and subscribe” right now! By the way, if Davie504 is reading this, he is more than welcome to open a new Telegram channel and send us a message. We will happily add a link to his new channel.

Davie504 Telegram stickers

Davie504 Telegram stickers
Davie504 Telegram stickers

This sticker pack is everything you ever fantasized about and much more. With this cool sticker pack featuring Davie504, you will be able to send Davie504’s epic wide range of emotional skills to your friends and family. From now on, you won’t need to use your own personal face to express emotions; now you can send Davie’s face and tell your friends to slap the bass.

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Who is this good for?

Please note, if you call a bass “a guitar,” you are not allowed to download this sticker pack.

This cool sticker pack starring the epic YouTuber/Bass player Davie504, also known as Davide Biale, is a great way to put a smile on people’s faces. If you love playing the bass or you are a fan of davie504, this sticker pack is for you.

Is it free?

Yes, the stickers are totally free and available on telegram. To get this sticker pack, you will need to press the visit button found on this page, and your browser will redirect you to your Telegram app, where you will be able to add the Davie504 sticker pack for free.


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