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What can you find on the Ido Portal telegram Channel

On this channel, you will be able to learn more about Ido and his way of life. Get inspiring quotes and videos. Learn about movement from one of the leading movement teachers in the whole world. This Telegram channel is dedicated to everything that Ido Portal stands for. Join this channel for free to learn more.

Ido Portal age

Ido Portal was born on the first of May in the year 1980 (01.05.1980). He was born in the city of Haifa, Israel. It is one of the largest cities in the north district of Israel. As of 2020, Ido Portal is 40 years old.

Ido Portal blog

Ido believes in creating great content for his followers and you should definitely check out his blog where he talks about his beliefs, movement, nutrition, and daily routines.

Watch Ido Portal “Just Move” full documentary movie for free

Ido Portal has released a one-hour long documentary film. Feel free to watch it learn more about Ido and what he stands for.

Ido Portal best quotes

Here are just several great quotes by Ido Portal:

“If you won’t…one day you may not be able to”

“Strength work translates to strength endurance. Strength endurance to strength? Not so much.”

“If it’s impossible, it’s a good goal to have”

“Movement complexity is by far the reason why we became human.”

“We are all human first, movers second and only then specialists”

“Fitness is a small, small world within a universe of movement”

The body will become better at whatever you do, or don’t do. If you don’t move, your body will make you better at not moving. If you move, your body will allow more movement.

UFC fighter Conor McGregor training with Ido Portal

Ido Portal is considered to be one of the leading movement specialists in the world. It is why it is not a surprise that he had the chance to work with the best athletes. One of them is Conor McGregor, a leading UFC fighter. These training sessions were very beneficial for both of them, both for their physical skills and their PR. 


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Our eyes are not the best input for estimating the distance we stand from a target. Reason is the 3D info and depth perception your brain constructs from the eyes relies on the small distance between your eyes, it’s very limited. To top that off we’ve stopped estimating distances and started using technologies to measure it, so we are losing that ability as demoed by the common person in day to day activities. There is a huge need in working distance estimation and improving your read, it will join locomotion systems of footwork, postural changes and weight distribution and into the larger subject of Spatial Management. This is not fighting related only but important subject in many many movement scenarios, sports, survival situations, hunting, performance, acrobatics and more… If you do not train your eyes to pick up distance well and if you do not train your body to manage the space around you according to that info – you will fall back into inferior solutions eventually. It’s an attribute that needs high volume, high frequency of practice and it gets lost fast…. I’ve observed this to be a major and common problem that can be dragged all the way up to quite a high level through compensations but ultimately it will be the downfall of performers in the top tier unless addressed. In the photo I’m taking @thenotoriousmma through another simple yet important calibration task. Conor is a great example of a man who manages distance very very well all the way down to the millimeters… #movementculture #idoportal

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Ido Portal shoes

Ido Portal has mostly used Feiyue shoes. From what we can tell these shoes are best for his movement practices since they have a thin shoe sole.

Ido Portal review

Like many other people who got famous Ido Portal has people who criticize him. Their main claims are that Ido Portal doesn’t give the proper respect to other arts and that they feel that Ido has built an image of a guru with followers. We don’t when people are overreacting about this sort of thing, but still, in some way, we can see what they are talking about.

Ido Portal and Yoga

Ido portal’s criticism on Yoga is that it is totally disregarding the world of pulling motions. This way of thinking exposes his ignorance regarding Yoga, and you can clearly see that he is conceptualizing Yoga as fitness or some physical practice. In contrast, the real essence of yoga practice is the body-mind connection, while the physical practice is only a small part of it.

Ido Portal and weight lifting

Ido Portal is also criticizing people who do only weight training. He claims that it is reverse engineering for looks and appearance and not for functionally, and this path will eventually lead you to injury.

Is Ido Portal a false prophet?

Ido has gathered a large worldwide following of disciples that see him as some sort of movement Guru. These people took upon themself to adapt their practice according to his Instagram feed.


See how Ido Portal does Spinal waves

Learn how to do the Ido Portal strength training

Learn what is Ido Portal recommended breakfast

You can discover more info regarding Ido Portal method programming

Learn about Ido Portal muscle-up programs

Learn more about Ido Portal supplements

Watch Ido Portal hip mobility


If you're not into learning and practicing movement you won't enjoy this channel

If you are a critic of Ido Portal, this is not for you

Some people say that Ido is some sort of a guru. If you don't like Ido and what he does, you can move on to the next channel.

Review Overview

If you're a fan of Ido Portal movement exercises, Ido Portal mobility training, and many other techniques, then this channel is exactly what you were looking for. here you'll get the chance to learn more about Ido and the Ido Portal worldwide movement.


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