simpsons stickers
simpsons stickers

Simpsons has members, it's main lanaguage is English (US).

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Simpson is a famous cartoon animated series that is being aired for a long time. Simpson is so famous and controversial at the same place. Simpson has a lot of reasons for its popularity. It revolves between a family life that discusses the things very nicely with comedy and seriousness. IMDB rating of Simpsons is a testimony of its popularity. It was started back in 1987 and has 8.7 IMDB rating and it has 30 seasons. It is mainly based on expressing the lives of working middle class and their typical way of addressing the affairs. Simpsons is most famous for its future predications and President Trump’s presidency is one the predictions of Simpsons cartoons. So such facts makes it an interesting series to watch.

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As Simpson cartoons are very old, about 3 decades old so they are so famous among 80s, 90s and 20s kids. Although all of them have grown up. Simpson cartoons are based on reflecting the living of working class and working class is different from other social classes because their approach towards things is different. In this depiction there are a lot of interesting moments that come around like family time, watching TV together and having chit chat. The most interesting part of Simpsons cartoons is the predictions they use to make that stuns its audience a lot. If you are an old or new fan of this stunning cartoon series then this cute stickers collection is a gift for you. This collection can be yours and that too for free by just tapping a single add stickers button.