The Wire

the wire stickers
the wire stickers

The Wire has members, it's main lanaguage is English (US).

Targeted country: Worldwide.

The best series showing the busting of drug dealer network. Add free telegram stickers featuring The wire by a single click/tap.

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The wire TV series is one the best TV series when it comes to see the drug networks busting. 9.3 IMDB rating speaks itself for the popularity of this drama series. The story revolves between Police team that endeavors to bust drug dealers and their network. Beside drug dealers there is another daunting network that abducts people. The best way to cut iron is by using iron, you cannot cut iron with wood. Same is the strategy here to infiltrate deep into the drug network and bring them harm to collapse and arrest them for the betterment of society. Except drug sellers there are those who abduct so basically there are two teams, one Police and the second one is the drug dealers.

  • Hugely popular.
  • Sensitive people might nit like this.
Review Overview
Best storyline

The wire is a famous TV series having 4 seasons based on the hide and seek between Police and drug dealers. The best way to bust the network was to infiltrate among them to know the gravity of the matter and magnitude of all the crime. To know the depth of ocean one has to dive first same was the strategy here and later on it is proven to be useful and lucrative. It was aired between 2002-2008 and was one of the most liked and loved drama series of its kind. In this post we are presenting Telegram chat stickers pack made on the wire crime drama series. You can add this superb chat stickers pack for free to your Telegram chat.