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Lust Stories Netflix

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Lust Stories is an Indian anthology film consisting of four different segments. Watch all the 4 Segments of This nominated series to International Emmy Award for Best TV Movie or Miniseries in This Telegram channel.

Lust Stories Episode 1 – Anurag Kashyap

Watch this typical student-teacher romance where Adventurous stories happen and the tension between them on a typical day of school.

Lust Stories Episode 2 – Zoya Akhtar

Watch The Episode where Sudha and Ajit secretly in a passionate, loving relationship. Sudha, a maid who cleans Ajit Batchelor apartment but never taken for granted, finds her self on difficult situations when Ajit’s parents arrive at his residence to live with Ajit for some time.

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Lust Stories Episode – 3 Dibakar Banerjee

Watch How Reena a banker who cheats on his husband’s with his closes husband’s friend Sudhir. Watch the evolution of a maintained romance relationship kept secret for more than three years.

Lust Stories Episode – 4 Karan Johar

Watch “Kiara Advani” playing a young schoolteacher named Megha, who is engaged to be married to Paras played by “Vicky Kaushal” as an office worker.

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Four awesome episodes and no advertisement at all

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The series only has four episodes so hopefully in the future we can see more of lust stories.

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In this Telegram channel you can watch Lust Stories with no problem at all very well updated and there is no advertisement in the channel, This series has been Reviewers positively since it praised for women and its exploration of female sexuality in a place where This subject has been rarely dealt in films.