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The Gay League Telegram channel is one of the is the most updated and successful channels for the LGBT/ gay community on telegram. Find events, information, sports, organizations and everything you may need in your journey.

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Welcome to the LGBT/ gay community’s leading channel. This channel is divided into various categories such as entertainment, news, sports, fitness, fashion, and activism. We at Telegram Club believe in freedom and equality and want to support the goals that this wonderful channel promotes. We invite you all to join us and follow this channel by pressing the visit button found on this page.

Gay Telegram channel – LGBT community on Telegram

Gay Telegram channel - LGBT community on Telegram

Gay League is an outstanding global community that celebrates diversity and genuine love for fellow men. This channel took upon itself to do the impossible, connect the numerous gay communities from all over the world into one channel that is a signal of hope, love, and equality.

This channel has no adult content!

This channel is free of any inappropriate content which is not suitable for younger viewers. We are happy to support the channel and the goals it represents.

Who are the people that follow the Gay League Telegram channel?

Who are the people that follow the Gay League Telegram channel?

The Gay League Telegram channel is a unique channel that grows every day with the goal of becoming one of the highest quality content distributors for the gay and international LGBT community on Telegram. This channel has followers living in countries around the world, including Americans, Brazilians, Japanese, Indians, Mexicans, South Africans, Canadians, Russians, Iranians, French, Pakistanis, Mongols, Chinese, Ukrainians, Israelis, Palestinians, Egyptians, Yemenis, Belarusians, Spanish, Gypsies, Germans, Norwegians, and many others. What connects them is their unending love and belief in freedom and equality for all human beings.

What can I find on the Gay League Telegram channel?

What can I find on the Gay League Telegram channel?

On this Telegram channel, you can enjoy quality content tailored to members of the gay community around the world. You can read news, reports from the field, get entertainment, get reports of interesting events, hear gossip about celebrities who are part of the community, and many other things that will give you a pleasant time. In addition, the Gay League Telegram channel is a platform for a rich content world where you can learn about the history and culture that is at the heart of the LGBT community and even participate in righteous struggles around the world. The goal of this channel is to create a rich content world that will serve as a kind of home for the people who really need it. Channel owners invite everyone, not just LGBT members, but everyone who is an ally to join the gay community on Telegram.

Is it free?

This channel is completely free, so you can enjoy quality content on the topics that really interest you. The goal of this channel is to connect all gay communities of the world into one telegram channel that can really impact the reality we live in.

A triumph for the worldwide gay community

A triumph for the worldwide gay community

If we look back to ancient times, we can find that homosexuality was widespread within all human cultures. From classical Greece and the Roman Empire to North African and Pacific Islander cultures that accepted “Two-Spirit” people. World history has many examples where LGBT individuals were accepted within society. Unfortunately, these examples are far from being showing the whole picture. In most of the written history, especially in societies dominated by patriarchy and monotheistic religions, gay men and other members of the LGBT such as lesbians, bisexuals, queers, cisgenders, transgender people, and others were brutally prosecuted and treated as enemies of society, kingdom, king, and god. In many cases, they were exiled and even killed by direct orders of both secular and religious leaders.

The LGBT community had made substantial progress in the past 150 years. From being prosecuted, exiled, portrayed as sick, burned, and even worse, the various homosexual social movements made their way to the mainstream by fighting for their right for freedom and equality. This fight is still relevant for today.

The first American gay rights movement organization was established only in 1951 by Harry hay; four years later, in San Francisco, California, Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin founded the first lesbian rights organization. It took more than 60 years to reach the point where the U.S. supreme court, with the support of President Barack Obama, allowed same-sex marriages to be legal in all 50 states.

How can Telegram help the gay community to thrive around the world

There is no doubt that the world is becoming more gay friendly, but unfortunately, we do not yet live in a perfect world, and there are many places where there are serious consequences for being gay.

Homosexuals in Third World countries are still judged and given punishment only for being brave enough to love. Also, there are developed countries in Asia and Eastern Europe where there may be no declared punishments, but the danger over the LGBT community is still raging. Unfortunately, the hatred of the general population in many countries towards gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgender, and queer people is still high, and many people are forced to live in the closet, frightened of the day they come out and tell everyone who they really are. What’s more, there is a real fear that someone else on government or other groups such as neo-Nazis will catch them and make them pay a price that is hard even to imagine. Without a doubt, the gay community around the world has a real necessity for a platform where they can talk, get news, join social struggles, and, most importantly, be together.

LGBT are using Telegram to create communities

As we described before, there is a considerable demand for a secure platform that can enable online community life. Gay communities around the world are looking for ways to communicate with each other, to feel less alone in the harsh world they live in. Many have found that Telegram can help ease some of the problems they have to deal with in their daily life.

Unfortunately, it is only an application and not national legislation or a change in the public’s worldview. Still, Telegram’s ability to allow privacy and even anonymity, if needed, makes it one of the best platforms for the LGBT community in the world.

Why is Telegram so perfect for the gay community?

Why is Telegram so perfect for the gay community?

There are a number of elements that exist in the Telegram app that make it suitable for the needs of this unique community.

Secret chat

The possibility of having a secret chat where all the content of the messages is stored only on the devices themselves gives a lot of assurance to people who are afraid of government surveillance. Sadly, in many cases, this fear is genuine, and community members need to maintain their safety online.


The Telegram app uses the latest technology to encrypt all of the messages, so hacking into private Telegram accounts requires enormous resources that are usually too expensive to implement even for governments.

Telegram gay chat groups

Telegram has many groups that can give you the ability to meet new people for different purposes, some romantic, some only for friendship, and of course, some to promote common goals such as liberty, love, and equality.

Gay telegram channels

You can find unique telegram channels created for a specific country, or alternatively, channels that serve the international gay community. In these international Telegram gay channels, you can find members from many countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Spain, Russia, Iran, Belarus, Turkey, Ukraine, India, Malaysia, and many other places. International gay Telegram channels, such as the “Gay League” channel, offer content that addresses many people who live around the world. They are dedicated to spreading hope, while still providing updates, news, and everything that community members should know about. By joining the Gay league channel or any other high-quality channel, you will be able to get updates regarding gay culture and the international LGBT community and its fight against oppression and homophobia.

Gay-oriented Telegram channels and groups by countries and cities

You can find all sorts of dedicated gay chat group links on Telegram, and there are many great gay-oriented channels out there that you can follow. But still, we would like to recommend you to join the Gay League channel to stay up to date with everything new and exciting regarding the worldwide gay culture.

Telegram gay group London, UK

UK - Best Gay Telegram group in London

London has become a beacon of tolerance and love in the past 50 years. Although not everything is perfect and there is much to improve, London is considered by many to be a gay-friendly town.

Telegram gay group Iran

Telegram gay group and channel Iran

Iran, which some people still see as an industrialized country with high technology and economy, sends a message of hatred, fear, and disrespect to the members of its gay community. Unfortunately, Iran is one of the most challenging countries to live in as gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual, or queer. In a country like Iran that is blatantly disrespecting and directly attacking its citizens by using religious laws and a police state that is submissive to religious and homophobic leaders, it is complicated to live a prosperous life full of community and love. There are many examples of Iran being a dangerous place to live for the gay community. A significant number of people have received the death penalty for consensual sex. This situation is an international catastrophe, we embrace the LGBT community in Iran and hope that justice will be served to all those malicious people who are destroying the lives of members of the gay community in Iran.

One of the ways the gay community can find comfort is the telegram network. There they can find more people like them who dream of a better future for them and the entire gay and LGBT community in Iran.

We are afraid to recommend to the Iranians a group or channel other than the Gay League because we do not know whether these groups and channels may be a form of government surveillance for “potential lawbreakers.” We can say with definite certainty that the Gay League channel has nothing to do with the Iranian authorities or those who cooperate with them.

Gay Indonesia Telegram group

gay indonesia telegram group

Indonesia is far from being a safe place for the LGBT community. Although the state has no broad statutes against homosexuality and sodomy, there seems to be no intention of the government to protect members of the community from discrimination and hate crimes. In addition, it can be clearly seen that certain provinces that are operating under the Sharia law prohibit any form of homosexual activity and actively punish community members by 100 lashes, up to 100 months in prison, or a fine of 1m rupiah. As we stated earlier, there are many examples of abuse by Indonesia’s government or religious leaders. Therefore, members of the LGBT community are often forced to hide sexual orientation and resort to alternative ways to gain the ability to live a normal life, at least on some level. This is where Telegram comes in. Telegram has the ability to maintain communities that require secrecy and anonymity. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that members of the gay community in Indonesia use the Telegram app to get closer to people who believe in the same values.

Asian gay Telegram groups and channels

It is not surprising that there are many groups and telegram channels for the gay community in Asia. There are many places such as China, South Korea, Vietnam, Mongolia, and many other countries where many community members live. The attitude towards LGBT communities changes in relation to the form of government and religion that governs each country. We encourage all our Asian friends to join the Gay League Telegram channel.

Indian gay telegram groups and channels

The flag of India
The flag of India

India is a huge country, it has one of the largest populations in the world. No wonder India has a fair number of gay and LGBT community members. Although the situation in India seems to be improving in recent years, the struggle for equality is still underway.

With each passing day, we learn something new about India and its cultural wealth. India is not a single community but a mix of multiple languages, cultures, religions, and communities.

Tamil and Malayalam gay Telegram groups and channels

Each community is unique, therefore it is possible to find the right channel for each community such as Telegram gay chat groups in the Tamil language or the Malayalam Telegram gay chat groups. These groups and channels should be located using native languages. In any case, we encourage all members of the gay community living in India to join the Gay League Telegram Channel in order to get free news, updates on worldwide international gay culture.

Gay Telegram channels and groups in Spain, Argentina, and Chile

We were very pleased to find that in Spain, Argentina, Chile, and many other Spanish-speaking countries are using Telegram to communicate between members of the gay community. In most cases, community members feel free to share their experiences and create communities on the Telegram app. In addition to local communities that are doing a great job, we recommend joining the Gay League International channel where you can enjoy safe and fun content. There, you can get updates and news about everything that’s interesting in the international gay community.

How do I advertise on this channel?

In this Channel, adult content is not allowed, and respect is the most important. For advertisement and collaborations, check with the admin. If you want to advertise, ask the administrator with a private message. ( [email protected])


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This is one of our favorite Telegram channels. Here you will be able to be part of a growing community of people who believe in freedom, equality, and, most importantly, love! We highly recommend you to join this fantastic channel.