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Learn about ZenGo: A leading no-custodial crypto wallet app that allows you to store and trade crypto assess with ease!

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What is ZenGo?

ZenGo’s Crypto wallet app is one of the leading non-custodial crypto wallets on the market. It allows its users to hold a large portfolio of crypto assets. In addition to storing crypto, ZenGo’s users can securely send, receive, buy, and trade cryptocurrencies with ease.

What Makes ZenGo Unique?

In addition to being a non-custodial wallet, it is also keyless. This means that you will not need to use passwords every time you want to access your funds. ZenGo allows this by utilizing advanced biometrics and other advanced security techniques.

A Safe Way to Hold Your Crypto Assets

The internet is filled with stories of crypto investors who lost access to their wallets with no way of retrieving their funds. Furthermore, it is a common practice for hackers to attempt to hack crypto wallets so that they can steal funds from investors. These two problems have a common factor, accessibility. ZenGo solves this by using advanced biometrics and allows its users to have both advanced cybersecurity while maintaining high accessibility and an ability to regain access if you lose or break your mobile device.

Which Crypto Assets Can Be Traded on ZenGo?

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With ZenGo you can take the idea of diversifying your crypto portfolio to the next level. It allows you to hold and trade between various tokens. Trade, hold and buy tokens such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Shiva Inu, Tether, DAI, and many others.

Crypto Interest Accounts

ZenGo allows you to gain interest on your crypto assets with its highly valuable interest savings accounts. Although not all coins are supported, they do add new coins regularly, so it is worth checking out.

What is the ZenGo Telgram Channel?

As you probably know, many crypto investors find Telegram to be a vivid platform that hosts hundreds, if not thousands of communities. ZenGo’s Telegram channel is their take on this matter. Join the channel for free to be part of their Telegram community and stay up to date with all that is ZenGo!

Is It Free to Join?

Yes, it is, it’s free for everyone. All you got to do is press the “View on Telegram” button found on this page and you will be redirected to the ZenGo Telegram channel.

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If you're looking to learn how to secure, store, and trade crypto assets, you will find all this and more on the ZenGo dedicated telegram channel.