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PSYfront Telegram Channel – Psychedelic Therapy and Culture Online has 100 - 999 members, it's main lanaguage is English (US).

Targeted country: Worldwide.

Learn about psychedelics: how to use them, are they safe, what to avoid, and much more. Learn about Ketamine therapy and clinics, get all the facts and decide for yourself if this is what is right for you!

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What is PSYfront?

PSYfront is a website that is dedicated to psychedelic-assisted therapy and psychedelic recreational responsible use. With every new research psychedelics, both natural and synthetic show real promise in treating and helping people with real problems. This wonder is exactly what this site is all about. In addition to their website, you can now join their Telegram channel and stay updated with the latest news and posts by PSYfront.


What Can You Find on the PSYfront Psychedelic Telegram Channel?

If you’re interested in learning more about the medical and recreational uses of psychedelic substances such as DMT, Ketamine, MDMA, LSD, Mescaline, Psilocybin, and others this channel is all you’ll ever need.


What Will You Not Find on This Channel?

The channel does not sell or promote the sale of any restricted substances. The main purpose of this channel is to give real facts about psychedelics and assist with harm reduction to users.


What Psychedelic Topics Does This Channel Cover?

The topics may vary, but in general, you will find research-based articles about psychedelic-assisted therapy, dosage charts for harm reduction, full interviews with leading voices of the psychedelic industry, interesting historical facts, news about new research and so much more.


Learn About Psychedelics

As means for promoting education and harm reduction among recreation users, PSYfront does all it can to make psychedelic knowledge accessible to the general public. The main idea is that if recreational use cannot be prevented it is necessary to help educate the public about staying safe, what should they never mix together, what can be considered as an overdose, and much more.

Ketamine Assisted Therapy Telegram Channel

If you’re seeking to learn about ketamine clinics, and understand how ketamine works to fight depression, addiction, PTSD, OCD, and other conditions, Psyfront is here to help you. They have gathered a team of professionals that took it upon themselves to answer the most challenging questions so you will know exactly which or if these ketamine treatments are right for you.


Learn About Psilocybin Retreats

As many of you probably know, psilocybin retreats are not just a recreational experience. It is much more than that. The main idea is that you join a group of open-minded individuals who seek to find a spiritual experience. It seems to us that the official PSYfront psychedelic channel does support these retreats as long as they are performing in locations where it is 100% legal and is being managed by people who are professionals. If you wish to learn more about psilocybin magic mushroom retreats feel free to join PSYfront.


How to Join a Psychedelic Clinical Trial?

If you are eager in helping with the research of psychedelics you might be able to find a way to do so. In the PSYfront channel, you will find a number of articles pointing to sites and establishments that conduct these groundbreaking psychedelic researches. All you’ll need to do is select the right topic and location. Such organizations as MAPS or Johns Hopkins always support ongoing research. If you are enthusiastic enough, you will be able to contact them and ask them to join their ongoing or future research.


Who Is This Channel For?

The channel speaks to several different audiences. On the one hand, it discusses psychedelic-assisted therapy such as ketamine clinics that help people with depression, addictions, and PTSD. On the other hand, it dives into topics such as what is ego death in psychedelic trips, or what is the story behind the MDMA truth drugs created and experimented by the CIA. So if you consider yourself an open-minded individual who is interested in all that is psychedelics, you are older than 18 years old, this channel is for you.


Is the Psychedelic Channel Free for Everyone?

The content found on this channel is dedicated to people who are 18 years old or older. The main focus is on education and harm reduction, but you will also be able to find real testimonials from real users.


How Can I Join the PSYfront Psychedelic Telegram Channel?

All you got to do is press the “View on Telegram” button found on this page and your browser will redirect you to your Telegram app where the channel will pop out and suggest you join the channel. Then, all you got to do is press “join” and you will become part of the PSYfront psychedelic global community.


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We find this channel to be super fascinating. It talks about many different aspects of psychedelics. It sheds light on the frontier of psychedelic-assisted therapy such as ketamine clinics and also shares high-quality content that is meant to educate psychedelic recreational users to harm reduction. Good job guys!