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official psychedelic team
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official psychedelic team
  • Name:

    Psychedelic-Team ️

  • Description:

    A place for open minded people ☮️💟

  • Open for:


  • Number of members:

    100 - 999

  • Main Language:

    English (US)

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Member variety


Low topic relevance

No option for group interactions, only admin so it's basically like a channel

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Random group about the Psychedelics


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3 thoughts on “Psychedelic-Team ️

  1. Marvin says:

    Exactly the place i was looking for, for years! thanks to the loving admin noiii and its co-admins for creating this accepting place for others to discuss and share psychedelic knowledge!

  2. Foxy says:

    My friend and me found about this group on telegram channels.

    The admins and members are active and open minded, friendly and love sharing their personal experience with psychedelics!

    If i could rate more than 5 Stars, i would!

    Best regards,
    Foxy from the Group

    • Tlgrm Club says:

      Thanks Foxy,
      Hope your community helps dealing with the situation,
      as you can see now there are user ratings (on the top of the page) so you can share the page to get more ratings.

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