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Animals & Nature – Beautiful Free Wallpapers has 10k-20k members, it's main lanaguage is English (US).

Targeted country: Worldwide.

Beautiful photos of animals and nature.? #Animals ? #Nature

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In this channel, you will be able to see gorgeous images of nature that can be used as wallpapers. All the images are in HD quality and will fit easily to your devices. In addition, the channel took upon itself to remind its users about climate change and how it influences nature the wildlife.

The beauty of nature in the palm of your hand

Nature is wonderful. It keeps on giving and nourishing us every single day of our lives. This channel was created to help us recognize the beauty of nature and help us remember how fragile it is. The idea is to keep this beauty alive by spreading the love for mother nature around the world.

Getting wallpapers for free using the Telegram app

Telegram is an amazing platform that lets us share and subscribe to versatile content distributors, among them is this channel that offers free images of nature and animals. So as mentioned before, it is 100% free and it can be downloaded and used on your iPhone, Android, tablet, and even your desktop.

Wallpapers of nature for free

if you’re looking to add an image of an open green field or a blue lake as your wallpaper, this channel is exactly what you were looking for. Inside this group, you’ll be able to find endless amounts of high-quality images of nature.

Animal Wallpapers

If you’re tired of all the deserts and waterfalls and you want to add some action maybe you should try to get a wallpaper staring a wild cat or a wolf or even a whale. This channel is filled with cute and intriguing photos of wild and domestic animals that will blow your mind.

Get images of cute animals for free and share them with your friends

It’s always nice to send a cat photo to your best friend so he’ll know how much you care about him, but sometimes you need a change. Why not send them an image of a foxy fox or a photo of a deer running in the wild. Sharing images of animals with your friends is always fun and uplifting. This is why we highly recommend this awesome channel.


  • Great images
  • Awesome content
  • They truly care about climate change
  • It's only images of animals and nature so don't expect anything else
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If you love nature and animals and you like to change your wallpaper more than every once in a decade than this channel is a wonderful method to add some "wild" to your routine. So don't just stand there, join this amazing channel and start sending images of wild animals to all of your friends.

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