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HBR Harvard Business Review is a leading magazine for smart people in the USA and the rest of the world. This is its non-official telegram channel where you'll be able to find links and recommendations about which article to read next.

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If you enjoy reading in-depth articles, you’ve probably encountered the Harvard Business Review (HBR) magazine by now. This Telegram channel is the non-official channel of HBR were you would be able to follow and read all the latest articles and other great content featured on Harvard Business Review magazine. 

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What is Harvard Business Review Magazine?

Harvard Business Review (HBR) is a magazine that is being published by the Harvard Business Publishing, a non-profit organization owned by the Harvard Univesity. The main goal of this magazine is to discuss and add value to topics such as negotiation, leadership, business strategies, marketing, industries, finance, and much more.

What will you be able to find on the Harvard Business Review Telegram channel?

As we’ve mentioned before, this channel is dedicated to sharing all the best that HBR has to offer. Get news, updates, and in-depth articles about your favorite topics. We do want to mention that if you follow their website or read the magazine, you won’t find anything new on this channel. Mostly you’ll find links that direct you to the official Harvard Business Review website

What will you be able to find on the Harvard Business Review Telegram channel?

Should I subscribe to this channel?

As we said earlier, you won’t find anything new on this channel, but if you enjoy using the Telegram app as your content source, then this channel could add considerable value to your daily reading routine. 

Can I read the Harvard Business Review magazine for free?

The Harvard Business Review magazine is not for free, and so is their digital content. If you visit their official website, you’ll see that some free content is available, but the rest is not. They got a system in which you can read several articles for free from their premium content, and then they ask you to subscribe and register. 

Get can I use this channel to get the Harvard Business Review magazine for free?

The easy answer is no. Most of the links found on this channel are direct links to the official website. After you read a certain amount of articles, you would be kindly asked to subscribe and pay a monthly fee (that we think is totally worth it) to get access to their high-quality content.

Get recommendations for your reading list – Best HBR articles in one place

We still wish to try to do our best to find some relatively positive words to say about this “Unofficial Harvard Business Review magazine Telegram channel.” We found that the admin is doing an excellent work of recommending its followers with what HBR articles they should read. In a world were time is the most crucial resource, while the materials on the Harvard Business Review are very “in-dept” (in other words: long), so having recommendations could be an excellent added value to Harvard Business Review subscribers.


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After examining the content found on this channel we don't have anything bad to say about this amazing magazine. That being said, this unofficial Telegram channel doesn't give it's users any added value. All it does is just to post links to the official HBR website, and since you can't read the content if you don't have a paid subscription it makes this channel worthless. If you want to read the magazine go to the official site. The only reason you should sign-up to this channel is if you're used to reading all of your news on Telegram, and you find it easier to check the news and new articles produced by the Harvard Business Review magazine.