Ghost in the Shell

ghost in the shell sticker
ghost in the shell sticker

Ghost in the Shell has members, it's main lanaguage is English (US).

Targeted country: Worldwide.

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Ghost in the shell is a nicely filmed fictional story based on comics. Scarlett Johannson has played the main character of the film. As shown in the film, a human’s capabilities are enhanced using cyber technology to completely transform her into a potential weapon against the worst criminals. The Cyborg used its abilities to bust and kill the criminal networks. Later on, it is discovered that the actual life has been taken to give a new robotic life and the process is converting a lot of other humans to make them the same monster.

Ghost in the shell telegram stickers

  • Fiction movie lovers will love this.
  • Non Fiction lovers might not like this.
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In this film, you’ll stare the gorgeous Scarlet Johannson. She has turned into a powerful cyborg half human half machine using cyber technology. The sole purpose is to train her to eliminate the dangerous terrorists and it served the purpose well. This fictional film has a lot of fan base. We are presenting you an easy to add Ghost in the shell telegram chat sticker packer. Share this beautiful collection with your friends and amaze them. You can add this sticker pack collection by a single tap to add the sticker’s button.