Goosanan – Goose Bananas stickers


Goosanan – Goose Bananas stickers has Less then 100 members, it's main lanaguage is English (US).

Targeted country: Worldwide.

Get the New Goosanan stickers to your Telegram chat, easy to use ,easy to install. Cool banana stickers for Telegram

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If you like bananas you are going to love this cool sticker pack. It features funny images of a banana that looks like a duck or a goose that you can use in your Telegram chats. Be the first among your friends to use Goosanan banana stickers as a reaction to something someone said.

Goosanan stickers for telegram

A goose that is also a banana that is a Telegram sticker

If you like this type of humor than you’re going to enjoy this cool pack of goose (or ducks) that are also a banana. Yes, the world becomes weirder every day, and now you can share these goose banana stickers with your friends.

Goosanan stickers for telegram

How do I add these banana gooses to my Telegram app?

Just press the link found on this page and then just follow the telegram app. It is free and very easy to use.

  • Good quality
  • Funny images
  • Has a big amount of stickers

Some people just don't like bananas that much

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Pictures quality

If you like gooses and bananas you'll enjoy this cool sticker pack.