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Gyaru girl stickers for telegram
Gyaru girl stickers for telegram

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Targeted country: Worldwide.

Gyaru girl Telegram stickers pack. Share Gyaru culture with your friends.

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This pack contains cool stickers of an animated Gyaru girl. Send and share these stickers with your friends.

What is Gyaru?

Gyaru is a subculture for women in japan that was inspired by 80s action drama shows such as Baywatch. Back in the day in Japan daughters of rich businessmen used to watch those shows and try to look more like their tv-idols. As a result, the Gyaru culture was created.

Gyaru girl stickers for telegram

How do Gyaru girls look like?

In most cases, Gyaru girls are identified by having tanned skin, bleached or dyed hair, dramatic makeup, and highly decorated nails. Trust us when we say that if you ever saw a Japanese Gyaru girl you won’t forget it that easily.

Share Gyaru culture with your friends

Is one of your acting like a classic Gyaru, or maybe you are the real Gyaru in your gang. Share these amazing stickers with your friends.

Is it free?

The sticker pack is 100% free. All you need to do is just to press the add button found on this page and the Telegram app will do the rest.


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If you don't like Gyaru these stickers are not for you

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If you like the Japanese Gyaru sub-culture you're gonna love these cool stickers. Use these stickers to let everyone know how you feel.