Arabic Emoticons

Arabic emoticons sticker collection
Arabic emoticons sticker collection

Arabic Emoticons has Less then 100 members, it's main lanaguage is English (US).

Targeted country: Worldwide.

Cute and hilarious arabic emoji stickers for telegram.

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Arab guys are so sweet because of their unique and beautiful accent, they use to pronounce words so uniquely after unique Arabs accent here you have unique, beautiful and hilarious most Arab emoticon stickers for Telegram that will make you laugh so hard for sure, you don’t believe men? Then go and check these hilarious Arab emojis. How beautiful to see the emoji covered in traditional Arab dress and it looks so cute and funny at the same time. If you have Arab friends at your workplace then show them what you’ve found and given them a reason to smile.


Extremely hilarious.


You might not like this if you are Arab.

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If you were finding something hilarious to share with your friends on Telegram, then congrats we are presenting you something more hilarious than you expected. Have a look at beautiful emojis wrapped in traditional Arab dress, send them to your friends and enjoy the moment. It's so simple to add these emojis, just tap the add button and you are all clear to use them without any further inconvenience.