Highly compressed PC & Android games

Highly compressed games telegram channel
Highly compressed games telegram channel

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Highly compressed PC & Android games telegram channel

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Ever since the personal computer became a part of our lives, PC games were there to entertains us. They took us on exciting adventures, allowed us to become heroes, pilots, soldiers, and athletes. With PC games, the only limit is the creator’s imagination (and our hardware).

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Highly compressed PC games telegram channel

If you’re searching for a way to download free PC and mobile games, then this channel is just what you need. This channel is dedicated to giving you access to games that you can download easily for free.

What does it mean: Highly compressed PC games

It means that you will be able to download games in a compressed format such as a RAR, ZIP, or even an ISO file. These files help to compress the game files into one or several files that later after being downloaded to your device, should be extracted.

How do I extract the games?

How do I extract pc games?

How do I extract a game from .zip or .rar files?

It depends on the compression method. If you’re dealing with a RAR or a ZIP file, then you’re windows should be able to extract the data easily by just pressing the file (the file should look like a folder). In the case of several compressed ZIP or RAR files, you should put them all in one folder and then use WinZip or WinRAR to extract the game.

How do I extract PC games from an ISO file?

ISO file, or by its more familiar name ISO image, is also a popular form of file compression. The main difference between ISO images to RAR and ZIP files is the fact that ISO is used to compress data on optical discs such as CD and DVD. In other words, an ISO image is a copy of a CD without the CD. In order to install your game, you will have to make that “CD” work as if it is an actual CD or DVD. You can do it by creating a virtual drive on your computer. There is a wide variety of free tools that could help you achieve this goal, but the most popular is Diamond Tools.

What if I need a crack for the game?

There are cases in which you will need a crack file to play the game. Every game is different, and we are not supporting crack files, but in many scenarios, you will be able to find the crack file in one of the folders. Check if there is a crack folder that came with the game or at least a text file that might give you some info on how to turn on the game. In most cases, the crack file will be a file that ends with “EXE” (executable file).

What should I do with the crack file

As we mentioned before, most crack files come in the form of an EXE format. All you need to do now is to find the original EXE file of the game (the file that should turn on the game) and switch the crack EXE file with the original, and your game should work.

Is it for free?

This channel is dedicated to giving you free compressed games. We want to advise you to be cautious when downloading games and software from non-official websites, but still, the games found on this channel are available for download for free.

Are there any mobile and Android games on this channel?

Actually, yes. We’ve fount that there are numerous mobile games that can be downloaded to your android device. Just scroll up in the channel, and you’ll find cool, high-quality games for your Android. Mobile games and software for Android comes in a format called APK that stands for Android Package Kit. After you download the APK file you need to find it on your device and then press it in order to start the installation process.


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If you're looking for a way to download free PC and Android games this channel is just what you need. We do want to say that the channel is a bit not well organized but still if you want free games you should definitely check this channel out!