Watch Star Trek Discovery all 3 Seasons for free on this Telegram channel

Watch Star Trek Discovery for free on this Telegram channel
Watch Star Trek Discovery for free on this Telegram channel

Watch Star Trek Discovery all 3 Seasons for free on this Telegram channel has 100 - 999 members, it's main lanaguage is English (US).

Targeted country: Worldwide.

Stream, play, and download for free the full 3 seasons of Star Trek: Discovery.

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Star Trek Discovery is one of the most exciting series on the small screen. It was created as a stand-alone series in the Star Trek universe by the American CBS network. Netflix got the rights to release the show on its platform outside the United States and Canada. It was proven to be a huge success. Currently, there are three seasons, while the fourth season is already in production.

What can I find on the Star Trek Discovery Telegram channel?

This channel is dedicated to giving you free access to all three seasons of Star Trek Discovery. Using this Telegram channel, you will be able to watch or download the whole show for free. We want to make it clear to everybody that you don’t need to signup or leave any details. It’s 100% free for everybody. 

A screenshot of the Star Trek Discovery Telegram channel
A screenshot of the Star Trek Discovery Telegram channel

How to watch Star Trek Discovery for free using Telegram?

In order to watch an episode of Star Trek Discovery, all you got to do is to press the “visit” button found on this page, and the link will redirect you to your Telegram app where you will be asked to join the Star Trek Discovery Telegram channel. Now scroll up and find the episode you want to watch and choose if you’re going to stream it on your phone or download the whole file to watch it somewhere else or at a different time.

Watch Star Trek Discovery season 3 on Telegram

The third season of Star Trek Discovery is just fantastic. There are new heroes and villains, as well as a unique and fascinating story that you will really enjoy. If you are looking for a way to watch the third season of Star Trek Discovery for free, we encourage you to enter this channel, and there you will find the full episodes of all the seasons.

The cast of Star Trek Discovery
The cast of Star Trek Discovery season 3

Will there be a Star Trek Discovery season 4?

While writing these lines, we decided to go over the news and read if there will be a fourth season of the Star Trek Discovery series. We are pleased to announce that it appears that the production has already started, and we will get to see the return of Michael and the Discovery probably already around the fall of 2021.

Who created Star Trek: Discovery?

Alex Kurtzman and Bryan Fuller created the series, and we can confidently say that they did a great job. The casting is remarkable; you can easily believe the actors while they play their roles. Sonequa Martin-Green as Michael Burnham does an outstanding job, and we waited a whole year to see her again. Also, as Saru, Doug Jones stepped into the role of an alien; he managed to give a personality and emotional depth that exceeded any expectation. We want to praise many other actors who participated in the creation of this beloved show, such as Anthony Rapp as Paul Stamets, Mary Wiseman as Sylvia Tilly (who is just lovely), David Ajala as Cleveland “Book” Booker, whom we only got to know in the third season, Wilson Cruz as Hugh Culber. He manages to give a lot of depth and genuine emotion to the whole series.

Star Trek Discovery is without a shadow of a doubt a masterpiece. As long as the creators and actors continue in this way, their place in Star Trek’s pantheon is almost guaranteed.

What did we think of Star Trek Discovery as a show?

The TV show Star Trek Discovery has a lot of positive aspects. Like most series in this universe, we witness cultural clashes, wars, different races, belief in a better future, and a great deal of diplomacy. Some would say that Star Trek Discovery purports to present a world founded on the values ​​of liberalism, which today is perceived as just one of several political views. But we can argue that it is inspiring to see how humans have managed to organize in the form of a federation rather than a violent and frightening regime in this futuristic science fiction world. Therefore, it is hard to accept the claim that Star Trek Discovery is full of direct political messages relevant to our time. It can also be argued that there is a message of hope for all of us in this program. That message is hope, a belief in our civilization, and that the world is full of individuals who just want to live in peace and prosperity. Star Trek gives us hope that there is a possibility for a world order that is positive and full of hope.


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If you love Star Trek Discovery then this channel is just for you. Here you will be able to watch, stream, or download your favorite show for free. Enjoy!