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It is very hard not to enjoy the first Borat movie that came out back in 2006. Back then, Sasha Baron Cohen was already famous for his other notable role as Ali G. Still, the idea of a fictional Kazakh journalist and television personality that went by the name of Borat Sagdiyev took the world by storm. Since then, fans from all over the world are waiting for Borat’s return. We at Telegram Club are thrilled to announce that the second Borat movie by Sacha Baron Cohen was published, and now it is available for free on dedicated Telegram Channels.

Watch Borat Subsequent Moviefilm (Borat 2) for free on Telegram

If you’re searching for a free way to watch your favorite character, search no further. On this dedicated Telegram channel, you will find the full Borat Subsequent Moviefilm movie for free.

Can I watch Borat 2 for free on this channel?

Yes, you can, and it’s quite easy and relatively safe to use. All you got to do is press the join button found on this page. The link will guide to the Telegram app, where it will open the Borat 2 dedicated channel. Press join and scroll the Telegram channel to find the movie file. You can choose to stream the movie or download it to your device and then watch it on your tv in the living room.

This is how you can watch Borat 2 for free using only your Telegram app
This is how you can watch Borat 2 for free using only your Telegram app

What did we think of 2020’s Borat Subsequent Moviefilm?

Well, as you probably already know, this movie is a huge success. Sacha Noam Baron Cohen proved again that he is a tremendous comic and storyteller. His ability to dominate any weird situation with the most influential people on the planet is astonishing. The fact that he was able to make fun of and create a scandal out of Rudy Giuliani’s controversial behavior is mind-blowing. For those who don’t know, Rudy Giuliani is literally the lawyer of the United States president and the former NYC mayor. In some way, Sasha Baron Cohen, as Borat, took upon himself to uncover the lies and hypocrisy of modern society. We find the second chapter of Borat’s adventures in the United States both thrilling and very amusing.

The fact that he was able to make fun of and create a scandal out of Rudy Giuliani's controversial behavior is mind-blowing.

Is Borat a positive character?

It really depends on how you look at it. Basically, we’re dealing with a form of art best known as satire. Satire is known to be rude, sometimes not family-friendly, and even considered as extreme. When we’re watching satire, we need to remember that it was created to mock the people in power and help us see reality in a new way. This is why satire artists such as Sasha Baron Cohen took upon themself a very demanding and sometimes even dangerous job. From watching the second Borat movie, we can easily see that Borat is a misogynist and a terrible father who treats his daughter horribly. But still, we can easily see that this character was created to give us a perspective on Americans’ behavior in relation to Borat’s views. It is fascinating to see how many Americans agree with Borat’s opinions on specific issues but feel uncomfortable saying them out loud.

Therefore, we believe that Borat as a character is very positive because he was created to give us a perspective on the society in which we live and not just mock and humiliate people. It is intended solely for the artistic statement of Sasha Baron Cohen, who has proven himself as one of the leading satire artists in the world today. This is why we can only hope to get Borat 3 sometime soon.


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This channel gives you exactly what you were looking for. Here you will be able to watch the full second Borat movie for free. Enjoy!