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Love of Food Telegram Channel
Love of Food Telegram Channel

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In this Channel of Love of Food you can find a large variety of dishes and pictures of food in HD quality.

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Food is inevitably crossed by human relationships and transformed by various meanings, between them and the most important: love. Love and food are braided in a powerful association, which is decisive for many behaviors, beliefs, ways of eating and feeding. Most people firmly believe that feeding is a way of giving affection, and they are right, since from primitive times food was mentally associated with pleasure, the pleasure of eating and the pleasure of eating accompanied, what allowed to ensure the survival and the construction of human relations around the food, which transformed us into diners, that is, that our eating had a sense that transcended the physiological need, the inconvenience arises when it is believed, that the food is The only way to give affection. In this channel you can find photos on this topic and dishes to prepare at home.

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