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BBC Travel

BBC Travel has 10k-20k members, it's main lanaguage is English (US).

Targeted country: Worldwide.

BBC Travel will share travel content with you that will motivate you a lot to discover new beautiful places and explore the nature by traveling ?.

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Question yourself, do you love traveling?. I am sure the answer will be yes. It’s true that a vast majority love to travel but many of us cannot do traveling due to several reasons. One of the biggest reason is our jobs that doesn’t let us have long leaves so that we can enjoy. But now a days there are many people who are self employed and they can go for traveling but as a matter of fact traveling isn’t that easy as it demands a lot. You must have good fitness and good travel sense to completely accomplish this excursion task. BBC travel channel will serve you with the best traveling stuff that you’ll feel as if you are traveling and enjoying by yourself. So be a part of this telegram channel and explore the places you want to with BBC Travel.

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If you are a fond of travelling or you cannot travel due to some reasons then this is a perfect and a must join telegram channel for you. You'll see a lot of travelling stuff that will make you feel as if you are traveling. You will find a huge travel content that if you are a traveler then it will serve as a great travel guide for you. So either ways if you are and aren't a regular traveler this telegram channel will still provide you with a great value. Without any further due, join this channel and have a great fun with BBC travel.