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Darwin ShowBettas has 100 - 999 members, it's main lanaguage is English (US).

Targeted country: Singapore.

Welcome to Darwin ShowBettas Gallery (FISH). A place where quality over quantity. Buy and learn about competition-grade fish on telegram

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Darwin ShowBettas is a Telegram Channel for Fish Fans, here you can find a large variety of information about this creature. He will answer such as where to catch them, what are the proper maintenance practices and give you tips and fun facts about fish.

A worldwide online community of fish lovers, aquarists & fish breeders on Telegram

Imagine a Telegram channel dedicated to raising, caring, and breeding all sorts of fish. This is precisely what this channel is all about. Here you’ll get new info about your favorite topic almost every day. If you own an aquarium or you like fish, you really can’t go wrong with this channel.

Learn new things about fish

This channel has so much in-depth information about fish and how to raise them and take care of them. You can learn what kind of water they need in their living habitats, what food should you give to your fish, what fish can share an aquarium and which should be isolated and so much more. Really, it seems like the admin is a real animal lover and he wanted to share his love to fish by teaching you how to better take care of them.

Discover new breeds of fish

On this channel, you’ll get the chance to get to know new types of fish. the admin keeps on posting new breeds with interesting anecdotes about each type.

Buy competition-grade fish online on Telegram

if you’re looking to purchase a competition-grade fish such as the Superb Grizzle Halfmoon, Power Multicolor OHMPK, The Galaxy Beast, Blackhead Royal Blue HMPK and others, this channel could also help you do that. All you need to do is just follow the feed and you’ll be able to find the right fish for you.

Should I join this channel?

Well, if you like fish then sure. It’s free and it’s very family-friendly and very informative. In a world where everybody is super sensitive and have opinions about every topic, it’s nice that you can just go check out this fish caring channel and enjoy the beauty of this animal and maybe even learn something new.

  • Since it is a small channel, you can send a message to the admin and he'll probably send you a reply.
  • Discover new types of fish and other sea creatures
  • Learn new things about fish and how to properly take care of them
  • Advertisement every 3 post
  • They sell fish - If you're against buying and selling animals, stay away!
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If you own an aquarium or you like learning new things about fish, you really can't go wrong with this channel. The only thing worth mentioning here is that fish are being sold on this channel, if you're against it, you should consider twice before subscribing.