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If someone is preparing for competitive exams or civil services exams then it is very important to cover the history portion because most of the time the quality content on history matter is required by the examiner and to score good in competitive exams you must have a good know how related to world history and major historic events of the world. This telegram channel will provide a great help to the civil services candidates to cover optional history thoroughly and the candidates will not be left to cover with the main aspects of history and historical event that are important with exam point of view.

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Normally in essay portion you are asked to provide a comprehensive point of view on any of major historic event that is related to the current affairs. For a civil services candidate that is considered as a top notch exam you must have a good knowledge about regional and world history and geography that is only possible to read unbiased and authentic sourced content on history that is the only way to pass through the history papers. The best thing is that you will be able to see the views of knowledgeable individuals which will contribute a lot to enhance your knowledge.