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have essence of book learning with ease
have essence of book learning with ease

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Audiobooks are a new way to consume quality content easily. People who grow up with books in their hands understand the value that books have to offer, but unfortunately, most of us no longer have the privilege of sitting for hours to read books. Some people have families with children who need care; others work crazy hours to support themselves or build a career. Many people work in front of their computer all day long, and as you probably guessed by now, it requires a lot of concentration and reading abilities. Unfortunately, a person who sits to read computer code, professional content, or any other reading activity that involves concentration in front of a screen will probably not want to sit down for a few more hours with a book.

Audiobooks Telegram channel
Audiobooks Telegram channel

Will reading books disappear from the world?

We don’t think books are going to go away, people really like to read them. But, if we take this question seriously can we ask ourselves what books really are and what is the relationship of the book medium to human development? Well, writing has been around for thousands of years, but only in the last few centuries have most people learned to read and write. Books such as the Bible have been with us for thousands of years. They remind us of our tradition and history, you could say that books are a way of documenting thoughts and ideas throughout history. For example, even though Nietzsche, Darwin, Aristotle, and Plato have long since died, we can still read their thoughts and have a cultural discourse with them. Therefore, only if we treat books as a medium that has evolved over the years and accept that new ways of retaining information have evolved over the last century can we give books their respectable place without feeling bad about why we do not read them like we used to. We do read and lots, we read the news on the Internet, talk to people from all over the world via online chats, and write and read fascinating articles on various topics on a daily basis.

What are Audiobooks and how do they affect modern literature?

have essence of book learning with ease

Audiobooks are audio format books that can be downloaded to your device and then played at any given moment. As we said before, unfortunately, a large part of people do not have time to sit down and read Dostoyevsky, Kafka, or Nietzsche. Now, there is a new and fascinating way to consume this content and that is by listening to the texts being read by professional voice actors. It is hard to imagine Tolstoy and Bulgakov responding to people listening to their novels while stuck in traffic jams, but on the other hand, we believe this is another stage in the evolution of human innovation. If we are looking for quality content, what could be better than a quality novel or biography?

The easy access to quality books that come in audio formats has greatly influenced the form of writing of the novels. Many writers in our time have to consider the fact that their book is going to be published in two versions, one written and the other as an audiobook. There is no doubt that the artistic decisions of these writers are influenced by the technological process of the literary world.

Free Audiobooks Telegram channel

Did you know that within the Telegram app there are entire audiobooks archives that can be accessed for free? That means that by joining one of our recommended channels, you will be able to enjoy an endless amount of hours listening to highest quality audiobooks.

What kind of audiobooks can be found on this telegram channel?

The truth is, it’s almost limitless. If you won’t find the specific book you were looking for, you can find something similar, or you can easily find another channel or telegram group on our site that will help you find the book you are looking for. Within this Telegram channel, you can listen to books of all genres such as science fiction, fantasy, novels, biography, thrillers, detective stories, children’s books, prose, youth literature, science books, textbooks, math books, and even self-help books which most of us love to hate.

Listen to Harry Potter audiobooks for free on Telegram

If you like Harry Potter’s book series as we do, you will probably be happy to know that on this channel you can enjoy listening to J. K. Rowling’s works for free. Embark on an adventure with Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Jean Grange on their journey and war in Lord Voldemort.

Are audiobooks on this channel free?

Yes, all audiobooks on this channel are free and available to everyone. All you have to do is join this channel and enjoy an amazing Audiobook archive.

Is this channel right for me?

If you like books but don’t have time to read them, this channel is perfect for you. Even if you haven’t tried audiobooks until now, this channel is a great opportunity to do so. We encourage you to choose a simple but interesting book such as Harry Potter to try to understand if you enjoy this new medium.


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If you are looking for a good source for free audiobooks, this Telegram channel is exactly what you need in your life right now. Here you can find books in audio formats completely free and you can listen to them on your device.