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have essence of book learning with ease
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have essence of book learning with ease
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    Audio books

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    Presenting you audio version of best books.

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    40k - 100k

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Thanks to the latest era of technology that has created a lot of ease in our lives. There was a time when we used to write on trees and rocks and then it came time, we had paper and we use to write on notebooks. Gone are those days because now we have another means of book reading and updating ourselves with plenty of Knowledge. We now have access to audiobook, some people might be familiar with this term and some might not. If you love to read books but you hate to sit at one place and concentrate or you have lack of time, then you can have another option that’s listening a book.


A great contribution to the society.


Might be less useful for old school book readers.

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Busy life has made it very difficult for us to read books of our favorite authors because we have very tight schedule to go to work do homework, prepare presentations for next working days and then to take rest so we are left with very small time for ourselves. But now we can listen audiobooks while having a flight or going to office while having transport. All you must do is to plug-in hands free join this telegram channel select the book of your choice pursue the link and you are good to go.


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