What is Athleticult?
What is Athleticult?

Athleticult has 2000 - 4999 members, it's main lanaguage is English (US).

Targeted country: Worldwide.

Fitness Workouts in Calm and Healthy Environment for Body and Soul. In this channel you will get great information on:, Events, Training Sessions, Leg power t-shirts, tips on how to improve your self-esteem and how to get fit | Joint us for more.

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What is Athleticult?

What is Athleticult?

Athleticult is a movement that was created “organically” on the shores of Tel Aviv, Israel. Athleticult is a growing community that embraces Yogies, Movers, Street workouts, Capoeira, Circus people, hand balancers, brake dancers, martial artists gymnasts, pilates, core workout, and much more.

About Athleticult’s telegram Channel

In the Athleticult Fitness Telegram channel, you will find a wide diversity of training cultures such as gymnastics, handstands, mental training, and motivational quotes.

Should I join this channel?

Athleticult telegram fitness channel

If you are into any sort of physical activity than this channel will add a great value to you. There is so much wonderful content here, so many people sharing their passion for athletics arts. So if you like to become a part of a real growing community and you’re searching for the right telegram channel to give you that motivation boost, this channel is probably the right one for you.

More info about Athleticult

Athleticult offers much more than just a community, it is also a home for trainers from all around the world. You can find online classes, international workshops, lessons, branded clothing lines, and so much more.

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  • Great channel for people who like physical and mental workouts
  • Learn new things
  • Get to know trainers from all around the world
  • Get inspired
  • If you're not into being fit, you might not enjoy this channel
Review Overview
Street workouts
Hand balancers
Brake dancer
Circus people
Martial artists

This is a very dynamic and interesting channel, filled with great athletes that want to work together and make some progress.

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