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Alpha Trade Zone has 40k - 100k members, it's main lanaguage is English (US).

Targeted country: Worldwide.

Exclusive analysis, signals, news and education on Crypto.

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If you’re an experienced Crypto trader, you’ve probably already head of Alpha Trade Zone. It is an organization that claims that its primary purpose is to help its audience to discover the cryptocurrency market.

How can the Alpha Trade Zone Telegram channel help you?

As we’ve mentioned earlier, AlphaTradeZone wishes to help educate the masses by giving them “information” about crypto markets. In other words, you will be able to get trade calls from them in order to follow AlphaTradeZone trading patterns.

Get crypto news

This channel is dedicated to updating you on the latest crypto-related news. So if you’re an investor or a beginner that is learning the market, this channel could be very useful for your needs.

Alpha Trade Zone Crypto signals – trade calls on Telegram

This channel aims to give you trade calls, which are also known by the name of crypto signals. It seeks to provide you with a fundamental analysis of the crypto market and guide you where and how to invest.

Learn how to become a better crypto trader with Alpha Trade Zone

They are promising to teach you how to trade by following their lead. If you ask us if we trust them, unfortunately, we have no idea. The only smart thing that can be said is that knowledge power.

Is AlphaTradeZone a scam?

We’re sure that the AlphaTradeZone channel is making money on affiliate links and by sending traffic to various websites, but still, there is so much info you can learn on this channel. So please be careful and think twice before jumping on an opportunity.

If you like you can contact them directly using this link: @AlphaTeamSupport

In addition, you can join their public Telegram group where you can ask questions and have discussions with the admins and other users. Link:


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If you are interested in the crypto market and you're looking to get news updates and trading signals then this channel is just for you. Get all of your trading news, updates, and crypto signals from AlphaTradeZone®