ANIME REVIEWS has 100 - 999 members, it's main lanaguage is English (US).

Targeted country: Worldwide.

It’s a discussion group for anime and related arts.

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Here we hold discussions related to anime

Your favorite characters FAN ARTS on request

latest and tophit anime suggestions

latest news on manga and Anime




Don’t violate telegram rules

Telegram rules mainly comprise of not promoting NSFW content or spamming chats ..!!

Don’t violate telegram rules or they may ban your account with the fellow you know ..!!

We condemn this behavior and we would ban that guy immediately..!!

Don’t share objectionable content

This mainly deals with not sharing NSFW content here ..!!!

All of you guys know what is that … sharing that kind of objectionable media in group will not be overlooked and you will be banned forever ..!!!

Don’t disrespect fellow members

Through this we mean that you guys should respect each other …!! If someone has different views then talk it out and try to understand that person..!!!

You guys should not gang up on someone ..!!

Use English to communicate

:::: Everyone loves talking in their local language…!!! We all love our language but not everyone could understand that ..!!

Talk in just English .. so that everyone should knows what you guys laughing on or sobbing on..!!

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