minions stickers
minions stickers

Minions has members, it's main lanaguage is English (US).

Targeted country: Worldwide.

Download to Telegram the most fantastic stickers of Minions for your conversations.

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Telegram has now become a favorite platform for massed to interact and to socialize, Telegram has evolved a lot and now it has a lot of things to do. Up to some extent, we can say that Telegram is now a substitute for Whatsapp.

There are chat groups and channels where we can have a quality time full of enjoyment. We can chat with our friends by adding their number to Telegram. To take the fun up to the next level we need cool emoji and stickers. Thanks to easy to add stickers that have made it easy to achieve this task. We are presenting you with a cool easy to add minion chat sticker pack.

Minions telegram stickers

  • Kids and teenagers love this and it can be used for any conversation in telegram.
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We are presenting you with a cool telegram chat sticker pack that is very easy to add. All you have to do is to tap on the add sticker button and you are good to go. Minions are beautiful animated film characters that are very simple in a structure resembling a capsule but are very popular. Add this chat sticker pack into your telegram and have fun. You’ll be able to see minions in various shades of mood in this sticker pack. Most of the time you’ll see them happy, making fun while teasing other minions.