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magazines and e books for civil services
magazines and e books for civil services

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When we are dealing with civil services exams preparation then preparation never get completed till the exam. You need to attend a lot of lectures, newspapers and books. Here comes the big issue that whatever source we adopt to polish our knowledge has a life and after that life it’s becomes outdates. Same goes with the books they get outdated after a certain period of time even curriculum and syllabus also gets revised. It is very difficult to cover all the main event because sometimes we miss a very important one. To cover that gap it is important to read weekly or monthly magazines.

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  • One might not be interested if doesn't like reading soft-copies.
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Reading authentic sourced magazine is very important and very crucial in terms of contribution to current affair knowledge as it gives a great orientation of present or recent past special incidents that holds a critical importance in civil services exams. In this telegram channel you’ll be able to see various magazines paper samples and subject oriented notes, books or magazines in portable encrypted document files, yes I am talking about PDF format. Join this telegram channel and take your preparation and learning up to next level and score good in exam.