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Call Of Duty Mobile Official has 2000 - 4999 members, it's main lanaguage is English (US).

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Telegram community featuring the Call of Duty Mobile version.

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COD has changed the game of FPS. Perhaps we all might have played and experienced an immense thrill Call of Duty use to offer. It revolutionized the element of entertainment in FPS games. COD is one of the most played FPS gaming franchise. After the massive appreciation of PUBG COD plunged into this river and once again left all the audience in an awe. COD players are much more tend towards playing COD mobile rather than PUBG although both have a great fan base. This Telegram group incorporates all the COD lovers who are more than happy to have the COD version in today’s most loved multiplayer shooting game.


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PUBG is PUBG and COD is COD. Both have their strong point so we cannot place on preferable or in winning position over the other. But the old COD players are like the COD mobile more than PUBG. Although PUBG franchise is so new in front of COD but still they have managed good to establish a concrete base. You’ll certainly love the company of your COD enthusiastic fellows. Join this telegram group and stay awesome, have great fun and enjoy your digital neighborhood.